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Thursday, October 20, 2011

After My Birthday

Today is the 5th day after my birthday last week. Let me update you all with some of the details of my birthday :) On Friday which is 14th of October, when i arrived home after work, my mum told me there is two parcels at the stairs for me. At first i thought it was something that i bought online. But, one of the parcel was from my the other half. Omg!! I damn happy and i opened it. Inside is a dress he bought for me and a card written for my special someone. Really thanks to him!!!

On the official day of my birthday, in noon, i went out to watch movie and eat lunch also, i got a piece of Starbucks cake as birthday pressie. Yipppe! Then, at night i went out to dinner with my gals at Euro House. The foods at there was delicious and the price is reasonable. But, too bad we sit on the wrong place because it is smoking area. P/S: We shall try the non-smoking area next time. Oh ya gals~thanks so much for the pursie. I like it so much and i need it at this time. Thanks!!!

P/S: Love you all nor the pressie and the celebrations ♥♥

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last other half told me that he went to Alamanda. Therefore, i asked him what he doing there and he says he is shopping for groceries. But after an hour he did not reply my message, i text him and he says he is choosing pressie for me. Pressie for Me??? OMG!! I did not think he will buy pressie for me and and and yesterday..he text me that he already bought pressie for me..OMG!!Pressie for Me???Really for Me???I thought he did not buy it last week because i asked him not to do so. Right now I feeling damn nervous because i want to know what he will give me. But, there is some question marks inside of me. How he gonna give me the pressie ya??? He says i will know by this Saturday, which is my 25th Birthday. Oh, gosh!!!Still 2 more days~ I already feeling impatient. Please give me some hints. I want hints!!!

P/S: Thanks to my the other half so got my HEART..xoxo

Monday, October 10, 2011


October!!!This is my month. But, yet i do not feel very happy in my month because..i hope with my full heart to celebrate my big day with my the other half. But, lucks..really not by my side because he have to attend his sis's convocation on that day. So kebetulan!! But, what to do. I have to accept it. The good side of this kebetulan is, I still can enjoy the celebration of my big day with my buddies. I waiting for it. But, so far no news from them yet. I guess i do not have to spend my big day alone gua..without celebration or anything. Let's wait for it. I guess the gals already have some plans in their mind and hands :) My big day.

Flashing been few years, i did not celebrate my big day with him. So, this is what make me feel even sad and disappoint. I hope in the coming years, i manage to celebrate with him TOGETHER with all the big days. I waiting for it.

P/S: He says he will buy pressie for me as replacement..but..i told him..without you, the pressie is meaningless. I do not need it :(

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Is been few months since i last login and write something is my bloggie. Since April, i have changed my job to another company which at first that i thought it is my good lucks to enter this company. But, till now September, i just know that i have stepped to the wrong step. This company is really not a bed of roses and will never be. Thus, i make up my mind to move another step to another place before this year end which this is my aim. For me, if my salary is lower nevermind as long as i am happy but too bad. I not is the opposite of happy. Ok, so lets move from this unhappy part.

In 16th of September, another bad thing happen to me whereas  my wallet lost including all the C.A.S.H and all the cards. At that moment, my mind really become blank and i do not know what to do because i never thought of this will happen to me. Today was supposed to be my happy day where i can meet for my love. But, it turns out to be one of the nightmare. On this day, i really want to thank you my bestie, Mei Teng for accompany me to everywhere to find my lost wallet and she even help me to pay my transport money. Really thank you gal!!!I owe you and i will remember it.

On the same night where i lost my wallet, i meet with my love after a month of separation. Be frank, i really miss him alot although we just a month separate. I spend few days time with him, but the happy time seems pass by very fast. On Sunday, me and my friend send him to Putrajaya and heart is sobbing but at least, he now is nearer to me. Thanks!!!

In August, i went to first of my overseas to Cambodia. My first ever overseas trip. I feel very happy in this trip although the weather at Cambodia is bad and we are tired. But, we definitely enjoyed with the trip. This is also the first time me and my love official travel together although not just two of us only. Yes!!! I feel happy and i waiting for next year..where i will go Bangkok will my gal friends,  Bandung and Vietnam with my uni mates and also my LoVe!!! I waiting for next year.

Oh ya, let me update you all with some of my current activities. I currently planning to move my career to another new place which hopefully i will get some good news soon. Please pray for me~

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Face Shop 2

~The ONE i currently using~

~The ONE i going to use real soon~

Previously, i have bought one of my cleanser in The Face Shop last year which is Aloe Vera formulated that is suitable for all skin types. This time, i gonna try another product from The Face Shop which also a cleasing foam and is formulated with rice water. I have aimed this product for some time and waiting for the SALES and i finally bought it during my trip this month trip at Sabah. The price of the product is reasonable which is RM35.90 for 150ml and it have 20% discount. OMG!!!Gotta buy it if not my face will not forgive me :) Currently, i'm using a cleanser buy Hada Labo which is quite expensive. RM17+ for 50ml..Omg!!!Is such a small tube and t gonna finish in 2 months time, i think. But, i think the Hada Labo products is OK because it is mild on my skin and no irritation at the moment. Yet, i waiting to try my The Face Shop rice water cleansing foam real soooooonnnnnn~~~Chiao~~~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sabah Trip after 7 Months (05~08/03/2011)

Sabah Trip started with me and Atan departed at Ipoh with bus to airport. Around 4am, i reached KLIA but, i kind of get lost and could not find the counters for me to check in. I think the peoples at there must think that i am lost too because..i have pusing and pusing the areas there for more than 10 times. After countless times of pusing, i finally able to make it to check-in hall. Thanks, God!!! The Firefly counter open quite late and around 5am, it finally opened and I check-in. After the check-in process, i went to the departure hall which is empty and nobody is there. At that time, i was freezing cold and shaking. After some time, finally some crowds have arrived. I wait and wait.

Finally, i can get in to the plane in 6.40am. Before the cabin crews start to brief about the safety equipments, i have asleep and awake when they started to distribute the meals. After the makan-makan session, i asleep again and awake when the plane landed at KK airport. Finally~fuh~~I went to the Imigration counter to check-in then i went to take my luggage and hury up to go out to meet him. But, he is late so, i called him and wait for awhile. Around 10.10am, he arrived and i walked to meet him. My heart is pounding so fast because this is the first time i meet with him after 7 months apart. The first thing he say to me is 'I have become a size smaller'. I do not think that i have lost weight but, whatever..who care as long as i can meet and be with him. Then, we went to Terminal 2 to fetch two of my buddies and later on, we went to eat, Sang Yuk Min. Our first meal at Sabah..After checking in the hotel, we just lye on the bed and chit-chat for awhile and later on, he fetch us to 1Borneo for a walk and until 7.30pm he come again to pick us up for dinner with his friends. After the makan-makan session, we went to Tanjung Aru beach whereas Evelyn finally can taste her long awaiting, Avocado juice. The juice was nice and slurpyyy.. Next, we went to UMS, Odec for sight seeing and throwing stones activities. It was fun and we reached our hotel around 12am.                                      

~The END of Our First Day at Sabah~

The next day is Sunday, after we have our yummy and delicious breakfast at Fook Yuen, we went to Gaya Street Market for some shopping and enjoy the tourism spot. We have much fun at the market because we have endless things to see at there. After we have done with the market, we went back to hotel and get ready for our lunch. We walked to Suria Sabah and have our lunch at Secret Recipe. He did not join us for the morning and noon session because he was busy with his research. Still, he is very kindful because he message me and asked me to bring umbrella for the walk because is going to rain soon and also, he says at night, he want to fetch us to another shopping mall, Warisan because it was very far. Actually, the journey to Warisan is not that far but, he just do not want us to walk there *sweeeetttt* Around 7.30pm, he came to pick us for shopping at Warisan and we went to eat seafood. Yum yum~ I like the meals.          

 ~The END of Our Second Day at Sabah~

Today, we wake up quite early and da pao our breakfast at Fook Yuen again and we walked to jetty to catch the boat to Pulau Manukan. Wuhooooo~ Here we come Pulau..We arrived at there around 9am something, after applying the sunblock we headed to the water and splash. Oh, gosh!!! It was so much fun, i love beach!!! Today, is my first time to sit on the banana boat. It was scary when the banana boat crashed and you fall in the water. I fell lost and scare because my feets cannot stand on the ground. Luckily, my buddies help me to float if not..OMG!!! The crystal clear water at the Pulau make us feel so heavy and sad to leave. We finally headed back to KK around 4.15pm. Bye-bye Pulau!!! After we arrived at the jetty, we quickly rushed back to hotel to prepare ourself for the dinner tonight. He is going to pick us soon and luckily we managed to prepare on time. He bring us to Tanjung Aru Beach to see sunset but too bad, the sky is raining yet, we still managed to see some sunset. The sky is so beautiful. After some lepak-ing time at the beach, we went to eat our dinner at the Ang's Restaurant. Yum yum foods again. Tonight, i gonna go his house for sleepover. Sorry ya, gals because have to leave you two at the hotel.     
~The END of Our Third at Sabah~

Today is the day..where we have to leave KK. My heart felt so heavy..After the breakfast session with his family, he went to the hotel to pick the gals because we have to go pasar to buy some seafood products. Then, we went back to hotel to packed our belongings and ready to check-out. Tata, Hotel Tourist!!! Before we heading to airport, he fetch us to eat the famous kelapa pudding. Yum yum and it was so cold..Next, we heading to airport and check in. Thank you to my buddies for giving me some precious time to spend with him. I really appreciated it!!! Finally..the moment have come. I have to proceed to the boarding gate..i say bye bye to him and he hug me awhile and we are apart again for some time. I dare not to look back to him and wave at him because my tears is dropping just like the rains drop..The sky is raining and i felt like the sky was crying with me. My heart felt so heavy and i still can remember his touch, his voice, his hugs and everything about him. Once again, my tears drop and slidding down my face. Bye KK, Bye to Him!!!      
~The END of Our Trip at Sabah~

P/S: Really thank you for everything he does for us and for the gals, i enjoyed every single moments with you two and hope to travel again with you two. Friendship FOREVER xoxoxo

Last Week Today, Miss You!!! 10.23am, 12h of March 2011..i still remember clearly what i have been doing today but last week. Last week today, i have arrived at KK, Sabah and sitting in his car and on the way to Terminal 2 to fetch two of my buddies which they arrived earlier than me. Later on, before we check in to out hotel, we went to eat 'Sang Yuk Min' then we proceed to Wisma Merdeka.

Last week today..still very fresh in my mind. I guessed i still miss him and KK so much..miss the time spent with my buddies..miss everything that happen in last week today. If can, i do not feel like want to wake up from all this and just stay at KK. Since i come back from KK, my mind just full with last week today. I thinks i still have to live in this last week today for a very, very, very long time. Reality sometimes is very harsh and we have to accept it whether we want it or not. If i was give a choice, i will for sure to live in my dream which is last week today..Is time for me to remove the daisypath application in my blog which stated my next holiday because the holiday have END*sob sob*